Why do we get HANGRY?

Ever heard of the expression “Mad at your partner? You should probably eat something”? Well though at first it won’t make sense, it appears that we do get pretty angry if we feel hungry for quite some time thus the “hangry” in the title seems appropriate.

People and their diets are becoming quite boring in fact as we know that most of it is bullshit and the other half comes from a guilty conscience; people eat more than they should have. End of the story.

The tendencies to change the course of the history are turning food into a lethal enemy and instead of enjoying it we tend to avoid it like the pure devil. The thought of not being able to eat what we’d want at the time we want it will most definitely frustrate and emotionally disturb us to the point where we start yelling for no reason to the people around us. At least fat is sometimes cute, meanwhile angry is forever BITTER.

So if you are asking yourself WHY we become angry when we don’t eat, check out the following video and learn how not to eat.

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