Top 8 Social Web Sites

Top 8 Social Web Sites

1. Facebook –


Facebook has about 18.8 billion visitors per month, and Ranks as number 2 page globally

2. Youtube –


Youtube has about 12.4 billion visitors per month and ranks as number 3 on global ranks

3. Google+ –


Google+ has about 778 million visitors per month and stands as most visited website but it inherits the rank from

4. Twitter –


Twitter gets about 1.4 billion visits each month and is ranked as 11th website globally

5. Linkedin –


Linkedin manages 372 million visits per month and ranks as 12th website globally but 8th on the USA itself

6. Instagram –

instagram logo

Instagram is visited about 560 million times each month and is number 42 on world wide level.

7. Pinterest –


get only 147 million visits during a month and is ranked as 28th most visited website globally

8. MySpace –


Myspace is going down everyday and as per last month (December 2013) it was visited by 20 millions visitors and has reach a 3 digit standing of 842 on global rank

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  1. Jorg

    Yes, these services are widely used nowadays. With their help you can easily monitor friends everyday life and get in touch with anyone all around the world.

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