Top free Sport apps for Windows Phone

Top free Sport apps for Windows Phone

1. Bing Sports


If you are Windows Phone user and don’t have this app, definitely you missed a lot in terms of getting latest news in sport in general and for your team specifically. Designed and adopted for the platform Sports app is a polished app with good and beautiful design, support for live tiles and a lot of features you can pick from rich configuration part.
App offers to you a very intuitive personalization like colors of your team, but beyond it offers much, much more like scoreboards, photos, and news.
Check it out in this link:

2. Run The Map


You like outdoor activities (hiking, running, biking) this app is a MUST. Is a fluid recorder of your route in a very advanced view map. You can easily see distance you passed, elapsed time calories you burned, speed and much more.

With advanced features like SkyDrive synchronization, heart rate monitoring, voice announcements and GPX support this app makes your life easier and fun and controlled in physical activities.

Check it out in marketplace:

3. Soccer Scores Live


You are crazy in being up to date with latest scores and not missing a match, this app is life saving for you. Covering more than sixty (63 at the time of this writing), countries and more than seventy five leagues (79 at the time of this writing), the app through live tiles and the beauty of the Windows Phone brings live breathing to your fingertips.

Push notifications and live tile can be configured for you preferences or team of your heart. Match statistics in details starting from goals, to off sides, shots on goal, possession and corners, following by lineups, fixtures, transfers till to match commentaries are just few features of this app. Designed in a light model and good combination of colors is one the most beautiful apps in the category. So for a sport fan is definitely a favorite one.

Check it out in marketplace:

4. Basketball Live


Do you love basketball, do you love NBA or other famous places where a lot of shining start of this game play? This app is for you. It offers a lot of information grouped in categories like news, scores, tweets from different sources and videos. App offers configuration of tiles for your team but it is one of few in this category that offers secondary tile that can be configured for your partner’s favorite team.

A nice feature to mention is shake for getting new results from the league.

Check it out in marketplace:

5. Football live


Do you like to be up to date with a lot of things happening in football? Then, check it out the red zone. Cute feature provided by the app, red zone offers you all results in a timing with a difference of 30 seconds. When a team that’s put in the zone score, it will be highlighted. In this way app offers the delivering of the information. Ability to share things in all social networks, following all tweets feed from names of the sport, watch videos, view photos of the game day, this app offers all of the things mentioned above and many more.

Check it out in marketplace:

6. Tennis Live


Are you fan of the white sport? You love tennis? This app is a download and install to do, immediately. Beautifully designed the app offers a lot of things to be in touch with everything happening in the tennis sport. App offers latest news including tours in ATP and WTA news, all upcoming events, player details, videos and rankings, without missing twitter feeds for the tours.

Check it out in marketplace:

7. Cricbuzz


You are a cricket fan and wants to be in touch with news, videos, teams, results and many more of your favorite sport. Get this app to get latest updates and ball by ball commentaries from the web CricBuzz directly to your fingertips. Based on reviews from users and feedback from community this is one of the best apps for cricket in the marketplace. Very intuitive and simple but powerful in presenting a lot of information. The app also offers exclusive editorials and latest and best updated news content from the famous site of the mother-company.

Check it out in marketplace:

8. Hockey Live


You love “ice-sport”, you love hockey? And wants to get latest information available. Get this app. With tons of functionalities like, latest NHL news, current games, scoreboards, detailed statistics for games and players app offers also live tiles and specific configurations for your favorite team. It also bring to you all happenings from players, league house and teams through live twitter feeds integration.

Check it out in marketplace:

9. SHOTLY Golf


You don’t need to be rich to play golf. Isn’t that true? Yes it is. Also to get this app you don’t need to spend a buck, because it’s free and offers a lot of things. Like its mother sport, the app is very beautifully designed. Not long time ago this app was featured as good app in general in store. So we are talking for a great app. There are more than one million golfers who share experiences through this app but the app in itself offer a lot of things like, GPS rangefinder, detailed scoring and stats, handicap analysis, performance analysis and many social golf features. All these things come from most accurate golf course database in the world. Partnering with Nokia the company who created the app offers Lumia themes for the app to.

So, just don’t waste time, but go and check it out in marketplace:

10. Champions League Tracker


As a soccer fans I cannot make this list without a special bonus like an app dedicated for one of the most popular sport in planet, football and one of the most beautiful league like Champions League. This app offers a comprehensive presentation of the Champions League groups, teams and results. If you are in Europe and you like soccer this app is a favorite one to have installed in your windows phone.

Check it out in marketplace:

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