World’s Most and Least Powerful Passports – 2016

World’s Most and Least Powerful Passports – 2016

Chasing your dream to visit the world, if being a national of a country whose passport is not powerful enough to ensure a visa-free travel to other countries, is an absolute misfortune.

This as the visa application process is tiring. The administrative procedures and the amount of documents you need to submit for getting a visa are endless. Not mentioning the amount of irritation you get in case of a visa refusal.

In other words, your passport  has the power to decide if the doors of the world will be opened or shut for you to explore.

The latest update of the Passport Index for 2016 reveals the power that each passport possesses globally, as regards the freedom of movement to other countries it assures for its citizens.

Ranking is based on the number of visa-free scores a passport can gather. Thus, a higher score indicates higher freedom of the country to travel to other countries without needing to apply for a visa.

According to this, Germany and Sweden are the leading countries in the world, concerning the right to travel that their passports offer to their holders.

Same time, the same authority reveals that countries with less powerful passports are Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thus, citizens of such countries are considered the most disadvantageous in the world as regards of freedom of movement, as their passports ensure them the right to travel without a visa in only 25 countries.

The World’s Most Powerful Passports

What follows is a presentation of the top 10 most powerful passports in the world, based on the freedom of travel they offer to their holders.

Referring to the Passport Index 2016, Germany and Sweden are two world countries that enjoy the best passports in the world, as regards of the power they own to travel to other world countries. German and Sweden passport holders, based on the data presented by this authority, are the most permitted people in the world to travel to other countries without requiring a visa. The number of countries where these citizens can travel without restrictions, only by holding such passports, is 158.

In the 2nd position, as regards of the freedom of movement that their passports ensure, are ranked Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Holders of the passports of such countries are allowed to travel without a visa in 157 countries of the world.

Same time, passports of the Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea and Norway, are amongst the most powerful passports. Holders of such passports can travel freely in 156 world countries without needing a visa. With such power, passports of these countries are ranked in the 3rd position globally.

Singapore, Luxemburg, Austria, Portugal, and the United States are the following countries to possess the most powerful passports in the world – positioned in the 4th position globally. Being in such a favorable position in the world, citizens – holders of such passports, can easily travel in 155 different world countries without needing a visa.

In the 5th place are positioned passports of Greece, Ireland, and Japan, offering the opportunity for their holders to travel in about 154 world countries.

The 6th position, according to the Passport Index 2016, is reserved for passports of Canada and New Zealand. Holders of these passports can freely travel in 153 world countries.

Passports of Czech Republic and Hungary are the 7th most powerful passports in the world, allowing their holders to travel in 152 world countries without a visa.

Next, in the 8th position come passports of Malta, Malaysia, Iceland and Australia permitting holders a visa-free travel in 151 world countries.

Passport of Poland is the 9th most powerful passport in the world, allowing its holders to travel in 150 countries without a visa.

The list of top 10 most powerful passports closes with Slovenia and Slovakia. Passports of these countries are ranked as 10th best passports of the world for offering its holders access in about 149 countries without needing to get a visa first.

The World’s Least Powerful Passports

Similarly, the following is a brief presentation of the 10 least powerful passports in the world, as regards the restricted freedom to travel they offer.

The most underprivileged passport in the world is that of Afghanistan. As such, the Passport Index 2016 reveals that this passport  allows its holders to travel without a visa in only 24 world countries, something that ranks it in the 95th position – same time the poorest position globally.

Amongst the most disadvantaged passports in the world is that of Pakistan, limiting its holders travel in only 27 countries in the world, ranked in the 94th position as regards of the freedom of movement it holds.

Iraq is the 3rd deprived country as regards to passport power. Its holders only have a free access to travel in 30 countries, thus, is ranked in 93rd place.

The 4th place as the least powerful country as regards of its passport power is Somalia, offering access in only 31 countries and ranked in 92nd place.

Syria has the 5th least powerful passports, something that places the country in the a disadvantageous ranking position as of a 91st. Holders of this passport can only travel in 32 world countries.

South Sudan, Ethiopia and Sudan are the 6th poorest countries if we consider the restricted freedom of their passport holders to travel in other countries without a visa. With only 36 allowed countries to travel without a visa, these countries are ranked in the 90th position.

In the 89th position of the Global Passport Power Rank 2016 are ranked Bangladesh, Iran, and Lybia, as of a highly limited visa-free access their passports offer to their holders. As a result, holders of these passports can only travel in 37 countries, making them the 7th poorest countries in the world as regards to a restricted passport power.

Ranked in the 88th position, Palestinian Territories and Eritrea are the 8th less advantageous countries in the world as regards of their passport power. The holders of them, can solely travel in 38 countries of the world without a visa.

The 9th powerless position goes to passports of Sri Lanka and Congo (Democratic Republic). Holders of these passports can merely travel without a visa in 39 world countries – something that puts them in 87th position, according to the Passport Index 2016.

The list of 10 less ranked countries by the Passport Index 2016, for their passport power, is closed by Nepal, Lebanon and North Korea, placed in the 86th position. Passport holders of these countries can travel without a visa in just 40 countries.

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