15 Dog memes to cheer up your day

Dogs are so similar to humans sometimes. Even without words, their facial expressions says so much about how the feel or what are they up to its insane. If they could talk our language I imagine this is what they’d be saying in these instances.

1. My new chew toy?!
Dog Memes

2. What big teeth you have? My, my…

What big teeth you have? My, my…

3. It’s Sunday. Leave us alone!

It’s Sunday. Leave us alone!

4. Bath time!

Bath time!

5. Where are my balls?

Where are my balls?

6. Done the math.

Done the math.

7. Why the cat? Why not me?

Why the cat? Why not me?

8. Remember me?

Remember me?

9. Dogs against sexual harassment!

Dogs against sexual harassment!

10. I really miss you!

I really miss you

11. The ball was in your hand the whole time?

The Ball was in your hand?

12. Did someone say, LEFT OVERS?

Did someone say, LEFT OVERS?

13. Paying for tuition

Paying for tuition.

14. Frustrated, much?

Frustrated, much?

15. Never leave me again!

Never leave me again!

Research says that a cute picture of a dog per day, will keep the shrink away. Ain’t them all adorable!

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