How does Barbie look like without make-up?

Since we absolutely wondered since forever is it humanly to look as perfect as the doll we grew-up looking up to, the flawless Barbie doll every little girls used to play as a toddler and admire as a teenager later on, our very own Barbie in flesh and blood decided to post pictures without make up as a courtesy which clearly shows how humane she really is.

It makes one question the essence of such a creature, when in fact it has done more harm than good to its designated admirers, little girls who start feeling bad about not being as slim or as pretty as their dear Barbie doll. Setting such standards from very young age is in fact ridiculous yet sometimes if neglected the harm doesn’t go unnoticed but leaves eternal scars into grown women who are still trying to match their Barbie homologue.

Yet, the day is saved as the reality is never that pretty. For all you girls out there, love your body as much as you love your soul. Brace yourselves; Barbie is in fact just another random Girl.