Beautiful bathroom designs

Bathroom design ideas — can you really design your own bathroom? Yes you can! Today, doing it is much easier than you can imagine, today bathroom is more than just a place for grooming and maybe reading.  New bathrooms get equipped with good music system or TV, didn’t you miss the music while taking a hot shower most of the time.

What we have done is we have taken some beautiful designed band put down in a list so this can be your first point inspiration,

Than you take a pen and a paper and draw your outside borders of your bathroom then decide what do you want or need.

This is the lift of potential items that can be part of your new bathroom: toilet, bidet, sink, tub, shower, Jacuzzi, sauna, spa and exercising equipment.

Once you define what your needs are then start putting them around the drawing and see how they fit, make sure you check measuring as it might be very critical I little bit of here of there can make a huge difference in a bathroom.

After you have successfully designed your bathroom and you have chosen the items you want to use, you made sure that they all fit consult a plumber and electricity technician if that is doable Note do this before any actual purchase as there are cases when something is very expensive if not impossible to be done specially when it comes to water system.

After getting the green light for plumbing and electricity then it’s time to start shopping for items and ceramic tiles as all of these items and tiles are planned for a longer run don’t try to save money on them so a good preference is go for the quality instead of price only decision. And if you are looking for small bathroom remodels we have made another list for you where you will find soem creative ideas on how to remodel your tiny bathrooms.


Pechanga Bathroom

beautiful bathrooms


Rogue Design

beautiful bathrooms 2

beautiful bathrooms 3 beautiful bathrooms 4 beautiful bathrooms 5 beautiful bathrooms 6


Sugar Hotel  Cape Town

beautiful bathroom deisngs 1 beautiful bathroom deisngs 2

Hyatt Hotel Canberra

Hyatt Hotel Canberra - Bathroom Hyatt Hotel Canberra - Bathroom

Wetroom design

4841077308_249c6c3ac1_o bathrom design collection 2 bathrom design collection bathrom design collection 6 bathrom design collection 5 bathrom design collection 4 bathrom design collection 3

Full bath with Jacuzzi at Grand Velas All Suites & SPA Resort in Riviera Maya near Cancun, Mexico.

all inclusive

Knockranny House Hotel  Penthouse bathroom

bathrom design idea

a hotel in Vegas



The Kassandra Bay Hotel Deluxe Double Room bathroom

bathroom ideas

Bathroom at Park Hyatt Istanbul

IMG_6965 IMG_6966 IMG_6959 IMG_6974


InterContinental Chicago O’Hare

bath design - 5 bath design - 6

500 Landsdale – Sherwood Forest

bath design - 8 bath design - 9