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Best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for your loved one

Some say it’s just some commercial buzz in order to trick people into spending money, some blindly believe that it is the day to celebrate love and we can argue all day long yet the fact remains, no one want to be alone on Valentine’s Day.

Irrelevant of your relationship status, single, married, to be married or confusing and complicated, we are always taunted by someone close to us that we’d like to have close at this day of the year.

It is true that love is around us every day, for the whole year round, yet living the dynamism that nowadays lifestyle dictates, hardly leave room to express emotion and gratitude for our loved ones. So, it’s rather cool to make this day special by surprising our better half, or even the stranger we have a crush on, with a creative gift that will cheer his/her face and put a mile on yours.

1. Who doesn’t like sweets? As the time goes, it’s not like we need them yet a piece of delicious cake once in a while is a delightful treat. If you like baking and you are good at it, the following recipe would be the perfect modest gift to your “the one”. Remember, it has a pleasant surprise from within which will leave him/her breathless.

Heart Cake

Check out the recipe!

2. They say words are overrated, I say bullshit. There is nothing sweeter than a bunch of meticulously chosen words said from the heart. Add to it a creative wrap, and you got yourself a genuine valentine’s gift that will melt your crushes heart.

Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts


3. If your girl likes jeweler yet you think that’s too ordinary, think twice. If you want to please your loved one but still give a touch of your authentic personality to the gift, try out these unique crafts to come up with an ideal piece of jeweler.

Jewelry Valentines Day Gifts


4. Spend some really memorable times together in the years of your relationship? Must be some pictures out of each and every notable spent with your loved one, somewhere in the archives of the past covered in dust. How fun will it be, to look back and reminiscent hoping for similar times to come, together… always. This is what you will do…



5. It is too soon for something fabulous, yet too stupid not to get her/him anything at all! We’ve all had this type of a dilemma at one point in life. You don’t want to scare them away by some crazy intimate gift, however don’t want to disappoint them either by going empty handed. This is what you will do… and everyone stays happy!


Check out the recipe!

6. Girls usually expect for guys to make all the arrangements for a special date. Especially if Valentine’s Day was the occasion. Somehow, they think that guys need to put some effort to show their appreciation… That is so last century, however. Why not take matters into your hands and surprise him with one jaw-dropping, cute little rendezvous? Watch this…

valentine popcorn