Choosing The Perfect Kenya Safari Adventure

An African safari is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences imaginable. Kenya is a particularly favored destination for those seeking true outdoor adventure. Whether it be a guided walking safari, a river-rafting tour, or a honeymoon excursion, Kenya offers visitors everything they want and so much more.

Experienced guides take visitors on an unforgettable journey into Kenya’s bush country, and the opportunities for photographing wildlife are virtually endless. In addition to the standard safari adventures, many of the licensed tour operators now offer specialized travel packages that include horseback safaris, wildlife conservation study programs, and family-oriented outings that are sure to please all who participate.

Experience A Migration Safari

kenya safari tripsKenya is home to quite a variety of large mammals, and many of the species seen in the wilderness of Kenya will spend part of the year in another region of Africa. The wildebeest is a perfect example. Twice a year, these magnificent creatures migrate in herds through the western section of the country. Kenya’s Masai Mara is a favorite tourist destination for those who wish to see the migration event in all its glory.

Mobile safari adventures to these migration points are generally about one week in duration, and visitors can choose between traditional tent camping or day trips separated by stays at a local inn. The Masai Mara adventures also include side trips to the Amboseli Reserve, where visitors will be treated to numerous sightings of elephants and zebra herds.

Kenya Beach Safaris

Kenya has an extensive coastline that stretches from the border with Somalia in the north to the country of Tanzania in the south. Most of the beach adventures begin and end in Nairobi and last for approximately one week.

Visitors will be treated to sailing trips in a locally built dhou, nighttime beach walks that include witnessing of the green sea turtles egg-laying, and guided cultural tours through the villages along the coast.

Charter Flights To The Laikipia Plateau

safariFor a truly memorable excursion, visitors can plan a safari that includes an itinerary of charter flights to the famed Laikipia Plateau. These safari adventures are operated by experienced outfits that make use of locally owned bush camps. Visitors are treated to numerous wildlife sighting opportunities on the plateau, and the nearby chimpanzee sanctuaries are one of the region’s biggest draws.

Horseback riding is also a favorite way to explore the Laikipia Plateau. Those wanting to create their own customized safari in Kenya will want to ask their tour company about these exciting charter flight adventures.

Family Safaris In Kenya

kenya safari beachSome of the better-known safari excursion companies have put together itineraries that specifically cater to families with children. Among these adventures are the famous camel back safaris through the heart of Kenya’s savannah.

The Lewe Wilderness area is a major destination for those families wanting to see Kenyan wildlife up close and personal. The camel back safaris generally last about five or six days and include stays at mobile or fly-tent campsites. Giraffes, cheetahs, and antelope are among the most viewed wildlife in this region.

Because these combined walking/camel riding excursions involve sleeping under the stars, most tour operators schedule these safaris only during the dry seasons of January-February and August-September. Combined walking/camel riding safaris usually begin with a night’s stay at a lodge near the safari trails. These family-friendly treks include complete hospitality service, cooked meals, portable sanitation facilities, and guided side trips that teach adults and children about tracking, animal habits, and the ecosystem in general.

Honeymoon Safaris

Many tour operators now offer 7-10 days of unforgettable Kenyan adventure designed especially for newlyweds. These tours usually combine several of the adventure types listed above. Most include a beach break along the Kenyan coast as well as three or four days of mobile camp trekking in the Great Rift Valley.

The inland portion of the tour takes couples on a fantastic walking or riding excursion through the high country near Mt. Kenya. Excellent opportunities exist for wildlife viewing, especially giraffes, zebras, and lions. These safaris include pampered service by local bush camp operators or intermediate stays at modern hotel facilities in the nearby towns.

Safaris For Photographers

All Kenyan Safaris offer visitors the opportunity to see and photograph wildlife, but these special interest excursions are designed to teach photographers the best way to capture unforgettable moments. These safaris are basically instructional classes that take place in the very heart of the Kenyan wilderness. The guides and photo experts on these tours will provide complete equipment kits for each member of the trek. The safari itself will likely include overland travel on foot and by Jeep, charter flights that give visitors the chance to improve their aerial shots of African wildlife, and formal classes that help amateurs improve their photography skills.

Planning The Safari Of A Lifetime

kenya safar zebraThose interested in one of the Kenyan safari adventures mentioned here are encouraged to contact a tour agency that specializes in African adventure packages. The availability of these tours varies according to the calendar season. Many of these safari packages are limited to one party per day, meaning that the availability is often limited to less than 10 individuals for any particular itinerary on any given day of the week.

Most of the experienced safari tour operators conducting excursions in Kenya will draft and complete an entire year’s itinerary and pass it along to travel and tour agencies upon request. The costs of these safaris varies tremendously and depends heavily on whether charter air flights are involved.

When planning a trip to Africa, remember that each country has its own set of regulations concerning international visitors. Safari tour operators can offer specific information about any visas, vaccinations, or personal item restrictions. Kenya has very limited restrictions for international visitors, and most of the important information guests should know is included in the reservations package.

These safari adventures usually do not include international airfare. Most of the safari packages in Kenya begin and end in Nairobi, with all transfers, ground transportation, and hotel stays included. The cost of the safari also includes any equipment provided by the operators, all meals, and transportation to nearby attractions such as wildlife sanctuaries.