Google glasses; How does it feel to wear them?

What are they?

Google glasses appear to be this extraordinary piece of technology that will allow us to see the whole world through a glass. This ubicomp uses advanced technology to bring people what once was just a dream. Watch out, for soon Google glass will a person’s best friend.

What can you see when you look through them?

Literally you can look at the real world collide and merge with the virtual to become one. Ain’t that awesome? Google glass will accompany you everywhere you go, to make your life easier!

What can you do with Google glass?

  • Amazingly, it takes pictures on your command.
  • Records your every move if necessary. No hands, words only. Ohey, shares it in an instant also.
  • Guides your way to the unknown.
  • Instantly translates on your request.
  • Dictates texts and read your emails out loud.
  • Reminds you of you duties, deadlines and plans.
  • Ask whatever’s on youR mind and it will answer for you. Sometimes even without asking, information pops up in the picture. Incredible!
  • Enables face chats with your loved ones.
  • Lastly, it stopped being geeky and robot-like the moment several designs got out on the market, to make them look cool and fashionable. One can even get prescription frames that fit this wonder-tech.

After Samsung announced their upcoming product the GALAXY glasses, that will directly compete with the Google glasses on the open market, Google is going over their heads to reach perfection. As Napoleon once said “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake” Bonaparte

How to get them?

Until now, they were just a myth yet today we’ve come close to getting the Google glasses on the market. Soon, this particular item will be sold in every corner of the world, yet for now it’s only available in the US as part of research and experimenting.


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