How to Apply to Study in Germany?

Importance of Graduation

Applying for a place only makes sense if you have a college degree, which allows you to pursue for a higher education. Your college degree may influence on what subjects you can study. The higher results on High School on a specific subject, the higher are chances to get into a University on that major subject.

  • With General University Entrance, you can study almost all subjects at any university.
  • Subject-Specific: Only students that come for a particular subject major are taken into consideration.

If you do not have a high school diploma, you can’t be enrolled in most of universities. Only if you have a diploma, you should check if the diploma is sufficient for the desired program. We will be providing articles about universities that allow students without a high school diploma.

Some Artistic courses in some exceptional cases accept applicants without higher education diploma. But they must provide other required documents.

Little luck and we can find some professional training course programs in some universities which allow applicants without a diploma. But firstly be informed about the documentation that you need for this specific cases.

Other study requirements and qualification requirements

Some subject fields in many universities do not require an entrance qualification or are known as so called license-free study programs. For other applicants on other majors, qualification and tests are required. You should have valid information on what document are you required to bring to university in order to be processed for enrollment. It is required to put together the application documentation with a motivation letter or a CV (essay).

Entrance Examination

In some specific majors as in artistic subjects (ex: sculpture, acting, singing, sports or architecture), in order to be part of this major subjects, you must pass an entrance examination. There are exams which starts months before the study begins. It is important to ask for deadlines and requirements for entrance test. Preparation for the test can take time so always ask for deadlines. These tests have only one goal, to test the applicants with their skills and knowledge. As a lot of students apply, it is necessary for universities to have a basic examination test for new students.

Foreign Language Tests

Even though in Germany, German language is not a must, there are still some courses that require having a good knowledge in a specific language. Mainly, students who have had enough years of schooling in that language, than only the grades will be taken in consideration. Sometimes a passing score of TOEFL is required.

In some specific subjects like History or Archaeology  sometimes the Latin Language can be required. It is suggested to ask your University advisers about the language requirements, even though you think that it is unnecessary requirement.

Internships Requirements

Sometimes completed internships are prerequisite to study a discipline. However it is not important the benefits you get from your internship, it is only a test to know if you have knowledge in your specific subject. It is quite important for your scheduling, especially since many programs start in the winter semester. Ask early to the university if an internship is required and in which institutions?  In this way your practical experience will also help to gain enough clarity and information about your own career aspirations.

Places are Limited

There are limited places, and not everyone can get enrolled. Students with higher grades have better chances for enrollment.

Universities keep records of applicants, and if an applicant hasn’t achieved to be enrolled than they will call him/her in the next year. So this is also a factor which may decrease the chances of your enrollment.

Enrollment at University

Few weeks before the semester begins, the fear of getting accepted will get higher and higher. In ideal case you will receive a notice of the university that you were accepted and you can start studying. You will be enrolled for your specific subject of study only after you’ve made the payment for the admission fee. Only when you are enrolled to university, only then your place is safe.  You must ask for the periods of times for admissions.

Usually enrollment take places at universities Offices within a specific period of time. You must not miss this. You should plan for a longer period of times during registration, especially when long queues of students are waiting at secretary’s door.

The following documents are required for enrollment at a German University:

  • University Entrance Qualification Proof
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Identity card or passport
  • Evidence of Practical tests, languages (If required)
  • Notice of College


What if it doesn’t work?

Unfortunately, some students won’t be accepted into their desired field of study. Reason may be the low results in tests or low grades in school. Whatever the reasons are, there are three options.

First: You can hope and be patient for getting enrolled in a later date. During this period you can find an internship or job experience in a relevant area. You will be grateful for every extra qualification. Job experiences or internships are always good for you as will help you on your future career. After the waiting time period you can re-apply and hope to get enrolled.

Second: If you think that there are a higher number of applicants who will apply again for the same course and the chances to be accepted are low, than you can change your subject of study. Be sure to make a deep research while finding your course. Try to find something relevant to your last course. Or another option is if you move to live in Munich. Necessary detailed information about living in Munich can be found in the comprehensive guide brought by EU Business School where you can also choose from different study programs.

Third: Give your bests to get enrolled. When you take tests, give your best to achieve the highest points. Remember entrance tests and language tests may be the reasons that you may fail to be enrolled in your desired subject. It is necessary to give high importance to this tests, As the higher your results are, the higher the chances of being enrolled will be.