How to open Deutsche Bank Blocked Account for Students in Germany

88What is Blocked Account (Sperrkonto)?

If you think that you can afford to finance your studies, than a Blocked Account or known in German as Sperrkonto is required.

It is required to have a minimum of 8640 Euros in your blocked account in one of the German banks and the maximum that you can withdraw is 720 Euro per month. It is required to make this change so you will not be facing any problem in the future.

When should i open a Blocked Account?

Blocked accounts should be opened while you are in your own country. Even though all embassies do not require this as some of them allow to take foreign DD of the worth amount and later on you can deposit that amount in one of the banks in Germany.

Note: It is better to consult in the embassy, they will give a better answer.

Is this money sufficient for entire duration of study?

Eventhough it would be better if it was, the answer is No. When you arrive you need to pay your tuition fees, semester fees, and enrolling fees for enrollment at University (Including living cost, rent, and registration). If you do not have an exemption from tuition fees than the upper note is especially for you.

Semester and Registration fees (Tuition fees) can go up to 700 €, this sum is higher than your monthly limit of withdraw in your blocked account. Based on that, if you do not have enough money with you, than you will not be able to pay your tuition and semester fees.

Note: Be sure to get enough money so you would be able to pay your tuition fees and other costs. Or better, put a higher amount of money than required in your blocked account so you can withdraw a higher amount.

Semester fees and some other costs should be paid on every new semester, so keep in mind that you should have enough money on your account to cover these expenses.

Best time to apply for a Blocked account?

So you are wondering when it is the best time to apply for a blocked account? Go apply before going to embassy, even better if you apply before taking the appointment as it is a prerequisite for Visa.

Is it required to have a confirmed admission letter for Blocked account?

No. Confirmed admission letter is not required for blocked account. You can open a Blocked account before getting the admission letter.

How do i open a Blocked Account in Germany ?

To open a blocked account in Germany, you should find a bank in Germany (Any bank), use internet to obtain information about blocked account directly from the bank. Here we will cover the process of opening a blocked account in Deutsche Bank.

In this link you can get application forms from deutsche bank.

There are different application forms varying from your age (18 year older, or up to 18 Years)

Fill the application forms, put a signature and a copy of your passport certified by the German Embassy as it is instructed in the form. Attach your passport copy, signature and send the application form to this address (Deutsche Bank Address) in Germany.

Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG
Spezialservice Ausländische Studenten
Alter Wall 53
20457 Hamburg

The above address is the address of a office in Hamburg which arranges the opening of your account with the office of your future residence and informs you directly by post and email about your account number, BLZ and IBAN of your new account. This process can take about 2-3 weeks, within 2-3 weeks your blocked account is opened.
Than, you transfer at least 8640 Euros + 50 Euro (as bank charges for account opening), than with that you can prove your account to the German Embassy on your country. In the mean time the Deutsche Bank will also inform the Embassy about your account.

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