How to Save Money when Applying for a Visa

Planing of traveling to a place where you need a visa entering and staying to?

Applying for a visa involves quite a few costs, which you cannot avoid considering. Whenever you want to get a visa of any country, you will be called to offer a duly prepared visa application package the day of the visa interview.

Amongst the reasons of visa denial is also lacking to present the required visa application documents.

Round-trip flight ticket, travel insurance, hotel reservation are just few in the list of requirements to get a visa, and yet they are very pricey – especially if you have a limited budged planned for your travel!

In such circumstances, what is that you can do to save some money for other trip expenses, i.e. for visiting tourist areas and monuments, museums, bars, restaurants, shopping and for doing other interesting things when abroad?

The best advice we can give to anyone is to not jump into buying the first flight ticket, travel insurance and hotel reservation you find on the internet!

Many travelers tell their stories of how to lessen visa costs, as of dedicating their time in finding Cheap Round-trip Flight Itineraries, Travel Health Insurances and Hotel Reservations.

What these people usually do is they do not get tired easily of finding the cheapest deal over there on the internet.

They do not get confused by the changeable prices and diversity of offers.

What they focus on is SAVING THEIR MONEY AND TIME!

That is why we want to help with traveling around the world on a budget.

Learn how this can be simply done by following some of the following helpful tips:

Dedicate Your Time to Searching and Comparing!

There is no better way to know which are the ongoing deals! Do your own research from your computer by searching and comparing available prices of airline companies!

Take the time to visit websites of gatherers of different search engines which publicize cheap deals such as: CheapFlights USSkyScannerTripAdvisorKayakCheapFlights UKMomondo,


Check different airfares and compare them by focusing on the cheapest deal that goes along with your your budget.

Start searching for deals EARLY ENOUGH, and repeat your search multiply time a week!

Plan Your Travel Time Better and Mind The Booking Time!

Many people make the same mistake of booking their flight tickets during the summer season and holidays.

These periods of the year are where travel companies are experiencing the highest number of interested people to travel to their chosen holiday destinations.

Prices go VERY HIGH because of such increased demand, either for flight tickets, travel insurances or hotel reservations.


Book your travel ticket, travel insurance and hotel far earlier or after the summer season!

Discover which are the cheapest periods of the year to make your travel booking.

Travel experts admit that the best time of the week to make the reservation are midweek days.

Also, try to purchase the ticket at least 11 months in advance from the summertime.

Pick a flying date that ensures you cheaper prices such as TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SUTARDAYS.

Decide on a flying time such as EARLY-MORNING, or LATE-NIGHT, around LUNCH and DINNER time. Most of the people don’t like traveling in such e period of time and that is why there are free cheaper places in the plane you can get!


Avoid picking a flight ticket in FRIDAYS and SUNDAYS! These are considered the most expensive days to travel.

Anyhow, sometimes booking TOO EARLY doesn’t always mean you get the lowest price possible, since prices can change time to time.

Sometimes they can drop at the last minute!

Don’t Book a Single Flight!

If you are thinking of buying a single flight ticket for your entire journey than you might regret doing that, in case of planning to save money for your trip.

Many travelers today combine their travel plans. They book their travel ticket on multiple airlines and not so familiar airports. They do this to try to get the cheapest deals.

The whole thing is done to find a cheaper ticket from one company and even a cheaper one from another connecting air company.

This can be done by finding which is the cheapest place to fly into before arriving at your intended destination.

Do this through the information that OTAs offer and compare flights.


…Findin a flight to your half-destination that is inexpensive.

When at your half-destination, you can ALSO look for alternative much cheaper transportation – that can be cheaper than you ever believed, instead of a flight.

However, you can also find cheap flight tickets from there to your destination – that will make you save money – something you could no do if traveling straight to your main destination from your home.

Booking a Flight Ticket Itinerary instead of Buying it

There is a possibility for you to save money by not buying the actual Fight Ticket.

Booking a Flight Ticket Itinerary instead of a Flight Ticket is the appropriate thing to do for saving you money, when applying for a VISA.


The Embassy or Consulate DOES NOT require from you to provide the actual flight ticket without making sure you are a successful candidate to be given a visa.

Find Cheap Travel Insurance for Visa

Dedicate a time for finding a cheap travel policy, aiming to save your money for the trip.

Look over different travel insurance policies using online agents such as: CompareTheMarket, HealthCareInternational, MoneySupermarket, BudgetDirect, DirectTravelInsurance, ASDAMoney, Confused, TravelInsuranceReview and more.

You can also go directly check and compare deals offered by considered best cheapest travel insurance companies such Allianz Global Assistance, HTH Travel Insurance, and CSA Travel Protection


When buying a travel insurance policy, you can get different levels of cover such as cancellation and curtailment, delay, baggage and belongings, personal liability, emergency assistance and more.

Make sure to get only those you only need because this affects the price you pay.

Find Cheap Accommodation for Visa

In the list of documents you need to provide to the Embassy or Consulate when applying for a visa is also a letter of accommodation or proof of having reserved your accommodation in the country where you intend traveling to.

The diplomatic office wants to make sure you truly have a place to stay when abroad as well as, they want to know where you will stay the most of your trip.

The thing is that you cannot get a hotel or hostel room when abroad, in case you need to get a visa before traveling.

In such circumstance, you are required to book it while in your home country, as you need to present to the diplomatic office the needed evidencing document.

Learn How to get flight itinerary & Hotel bookings for visa application online?


Reserve some time to find and compare prices that different online agents display on their webpages.

There you have the chance to see and compare different offers, different qualities and services.

Be ready to investigate on your own for the right and cheapest accommodation that suits your expectations.

Get the time to search and compare offers of  such as: HotelsCombined.