The little snapper cracks snapchat

Snapchat, as a concept was supposed to be mystique to and for the audience, however with all the holes pinned in the app, it is becoming misty. The latest highly successful attempt to hack the app came from one Uk animator, Wesley Hill aka Hako. By developing a mini thermal printer and connecting it to the internet, projected to print out various news feed and social network updates, Hako was able to print out also Snapchat photos meant to vanish after the set amount of time. He called its device the Berg Little Printer which reveals the magic behind the coded app.

Snapchat, a photo messaging app, started out as a school project done by students at the Stanford University. It allows its users to take photos or record videos on which they can add text or drawings, to finally send them to the recipients. The list is strictly confidential and controlled.  After you’ve received such a “snap” the recipient will not be able to download or print screen the content because in a few seconds it is permanently deleted from your phone. At least thats what they hoped for.

After the app has made a big buzz with millions of users all over the world, the creators became confident it will be one project on the rise. The 23-old SEO, Evan Spiegel recently turned down a facebook offer of 3 billion dollars, believing that in a few months its will be worth much more. The app is free of charge and not making any money yet since it doesnt sell adverts however the founders remain optimistic. Is has, however, been harassed by the concerned party as a future sexting and cyber bullying domain.

Nevertheless, the confidentiality agreement has been breached several times now, the last one just days before the littlesnapper. 4.6 Million Snapchat users were subjected to a leak that threatened to reveal their phone numbers. After the scandal, the team publicly apologized to their users, promising that they are doing their best to prevent this type of vulnerabilities regarding Snapchat. Time will tell.