The oddest top 10 scholarships granted around the world

Studying nowadays has become more of a privilege than a right, in a manner of speaking. Tuition fees are over the roof, new study materials pop up on daily basis and the research funds are nowhere to be found. And if your grades are a bit slippery or you, god forbid, want to take some time off, any chance of getting a scholarship goes in vain. By default, scholarships are granted for great examples, students who play it by the book and commit their lives to their studies allegedly establishing a good example and inspiration for the future followers. Yet, is that really the unconditional path to follow? Is it possible for everyone to meet the cruelsome precise standards in order to gain the access to an honorable future? As I fully agree, many others seem to share the thought… no matter of their choices and backgrounds all and sundry need a bit of help from the “friends” in order to prosper in their carriers since not everybody is the wicked genius that amazes the jury.

In order to help those in need, without the presumption of merit or at least not the conventional archetype, several rare scholarships are granted throughout the world. These financial encouragements are designated for the people that aren’t maybe the smartest or the most skilled in the room however they possess the great will and positive energy to move forwards and catch up with the others. For some people the following scholarships might sound absurd and even improvident however I find the idea fascinating and quite promising.

Marbles Scholarship

Celebrating 92 years of tradition in the upcoming June, the annual National Marbles Tournament awards $5,000 in scholarships to mibsters (marble shooters) aged 8 to 14 in the form of national honors, college scholarships and numerous prizes and awards. Instead of lying over your books or being interrogated over various mumbo jumbo all that is required of you is to engage in a whole week of fun and amusing games of marbles in one of the greatest parks in the US, Wildwood. With a bit of luck and an optimistic mood, a loose competition turns into your lifetime change for the future.

Predicting the Future Award

The excellence in predicting the future award is an annual contest aiming to inspire fellow students to become more aware of their lifestyle and whereabouts. In order to win the contest one shall keep an open mind and be creative, even psychic for that matter and come up with the closest future assumptions regarding the stock exchange. Through various deadlines and tournaments you performance will be the judge to your future. 400 hundred dollars a pop can be a terrific ignition point to a wealthy adventure.

Scholarships for Twins

Numerous colleges, mostly in US offer full ride scholarships for twin students. Imagine if all you need to have, to get a considerable sum of money and a guaranteed education in the future is a twin sibling. Preposterous, isn’t it?

Flavor of the Month Scholarship 

Flavor of the Month scholarship is a sweet contest for all the 13 aged and over where all you need to do is describe personally and intimately your relationship with your favorite flavor of
ice-cream and the way it relates to your personality. Creativity knows no boundaries as the 1500 dollars are here to prove. 250 words of mouth traded by 15 bucks is quite a win-win situation.

Little people of US scholarship

The little people of America is an NGO that works in supporting and alleviating the lifestyle of the medically diagnosed people of short stature. As a member of the LPA or any other relative
and close supporter you are entitled for applying to win the two scholarships granted by the organization in the sum of nearly 1000 euros, to help with your finances regarding the education. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one should be diagnosed with dwarfism to win the scholarship though the community is a priority, and one shall definitely support the cause.

Mawista scholarship for controversial students

As much it’s in the humankind nature to be entitled to second chances, morally and intellectually supported as a cause, in reality the society tends to be scarcely tolerant towards the matter. Students who don’t get to finish their studies in a record timeline or ones who have been doubtful over choosing the right carrier, the shape-shifters or not straight A nerds haven’t really been praised by the society, not to mention that any aid will be out of the question. Mawista Scholarship for controversial students is however taking a stand to prove the conventional society wrong. Instead of flawless GPA and a plentiful CV, Mawista scholarship requirements focus on an extraordinary personality and odd lifestyle, and a long line of educational

Common Knowledge Scholarship

When you think “common knowledge” scholarship, you get the idea that everyone can get it. Hardly true, as a matter of a fact. It’s true that there are no prerequisites for applying and competing however in order to win you really have to be mr/mrs know-it-all. The idea of a year round of quizzes and rivalry is not only insightful but also adrenaline pumping and amusing, even if you don’t end up holding the prize on your hands. Bottom line, it’s definitely worth the try.

The calm-a-sutra of tea scholarship

In order to educate the fellow students of the health benefits of drinking tea, the tea council of the USA decided to grant a 20.000 dollar scholarship and an everything-paid-trip to New York for
the student who comes up with the utterly most creative way to drink tea. That much money in exchange for a future penniless copyright idea will make your heart burst out of your chest and scream out loud, I LOVE DRINKING THE FREAKING TEA.

Zolp Scholarship

Among the very odd ones, this one was also hilarious. Loyola University in Chicago decided to grant scholarships for all the students that were born under the not-so-random last name Zolp. The money entitled to the Zolp individuals granted by the university depends solely on the number of the lucky ones out there in the certain year. Holler to all you Zolp-ers out there, get in to win.

The Star fleet academy scholarship

As we all know, Star Trek has gathered millions of fanatics throughout the world due to its sci fi intelligence and virtual experience. As a true member of a Starfleet after one whole year you are entitled to apply for the Starfleet Academy Scholarships, genuinely named after the Star trek performers and characters. The prize is no millionaire-over-night, its a modest check of 500 dollars however the chase is overwhelming.The celebrities in question actually sponsor their named scholarships as well. Brilliant!