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Is online dating killing romance?

The online social media has become an inevitable tool to meeting new people from all around the world and across your very neighborhood. Slowly, slowly the social media and online mediums are becoming the sole alternative to expressing personal opinions, sharing thoughts and emerging certain circles of people that share similar stands on social and political issues. The amount of time we spend on our phones and computers is troublesome, yet its worthless to fight it since there, in that small electronic box is where life is happening.Android

We tend to pour every drop of energy into creating our virtual persona that will represent us in the virtual battlefield. By trying to describe ourselves as genuine as possible sometimes we tend to lose touch with reality and through that path we tend to lose ourselves in some utopian skeam of how we’d like to see ourselves.

The social pressure is too intense to resist the manipulation of our personae and character as well our physical feature in order to appear more appealing on the social market.


With all this said, what is your stand on finding your intimate partner through e monitor? How do you cope with all the firewalls of idiosyncrasy to achieve the bulb under its layers? Will that duckface of yours determine your future romantic engagements?


Wait a minute, it is not that simple!

I perfectly understand the liberty of a person to become more open and expressive facing a monitor instead of a real person. Online dating will allow us to keep the situation under control, improvise and hide behind our shell of superficiality while meeting the stranger on the other side of the cable and that is perfectly fine. Too much data in the beginning is utterly unnecessary. Yet when do these beginnings get a grip on reality and realize it’s been months chatting and sharing every bit of our intimate self’s beside our soul? Or is that too old fashioned nowadays.

The possibility of dating several people in a row and the liberty to do that is something admirable, indeed… in other words you don’t get stuck with the first jerk that compliments you in a bar. However the great pool of possibilities definitely ruins the chance to decide and jump in a relationship, thus even the game of dating has changed its rules… everyday it’s more difficult to settle and commit knowing how much is out there.

Ignoring the phenomenon is one alternative that will give you the opportunity to move on with your life without the benefits of the social media and try to find that special someone traditionally at a club, workplace or even at the supermarket. Yet if you approach a girl abruptly nowadays, they panic and behave like you’ve harassed her in any way which is definitely a turn off. I guess in a couple of years, not far away, we will need to go through those firewalls in order to contact the person standing right in front of us as new cultural adjustment. Where is the love?

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