Things To Do In Tenerife

As the largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife is part of Spain, but resides off the western African coast. With its gorgeous beaches and rich culture, Tenerife is a tourist attraction unlike no other. Couples, singles and families can all find something to do or see in this eclectic land, complete with a volcano that towers above the island. Explore Tenerife for its natural wonders and historical value to create a vacation of a lifetime. Consider your group’s goals for an exciting time in Tenerife, from lounging at the beach to learning about the rich, religious history behind the land.

aqualand tenerife


Whether you crave a close encounter with a dolphin or an adrenalin rush of a water slide, Aqualand is a huge water park sure to please everyone in your group. This facility boasts more than a dozen dolphins that perform daily. As one of the most intelligent marine animals, these dolphins jump and perform tricks in a brilliant show.

If your group seeks adventure, there are several water slides ready for your excitement. Jump on the Tornado to spin your way into the watery depths or opt for a tall tube slide, called Kamikaze, to drop you as fast as possible. The kids have not been forgotten at Aqualand because they have a dedicated area with appropriate slides and water play castles. You can even relax as you tube down a river or rejuvenate in Aqualand’s hot jacuzzi. With gorgeous weather for most of the year, Tenerife’s Aqualand is a great place to spend a day.

Ride Camels

Because of its proximity to the Sahara Desert, Tenerife’s climate is mild and warm, making camels a perfect animal for the area. Although the island is widely populated and developed throughout, camels can still be found as pleasurable rides with various vendors.

Hitch a ride on a camel to see the sights off the beaten path. These versatile animals can traverse tough terrain that even horses cannot tolerate. After a ride, your host may offer a meal or tea, based on Arabic tradition. You’ll feel like you visited Africa without leaving the comforts of Tenerife’s hotels and restaurants. Try a camel ride on your next visit to experience Canarian life from day’s past.

Explore Science

Get to know space by visiting Tenerife’s Museum of Science and the Cosmos. This pillar of knowledge immerses visitors in the universe, from the solar system to the outer reaches of space. Both permanent and temporary exhibits highlight man’s journey to understanding life and space.

This museum is not just for adult space fascination. The museum strives to include children as they learn to love science and the cosmos. Overnight activities and group classes bring children together as they interactively explore scientific principles. From microscope use to understanding constellations, everyone can learn something new at the museum.

One of the museum’s highlights is the planetarium. A huge dome allows several projectors to be used to create a night sky. Specialized movies depicting space and exploration are projected onto the dome, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone. Visit the museum early to experience all the exhibits throughout the day.

Beach Life

tenerife sunsetIsland life is surely filled with many beach days. Tenerife is known for its eclectic beaches. Some beaches are affected by volcanic debris, making the sand appear dark, but other beaches have a fine, beige sand reminiscent of tropical paradises. You can relax on the beach or take a swim in the ocean. Surfing is a favorite pastime, especially with the trade winds helping the waves grow large. If marine adventure is your goal, try snorkeling off the coast. Because many land and water areas are protected, natural flora and fauna are abundant, making your visit to Tenerife a unique experience.

Old Town Charm

Take a day to explore the old country of Tenerife. La Orotava, on the North side of the island, boasts old world charm amongst the growing economy of the remaining island communities. In this area, you can experience an old-fashioned banana plantation or even take part in a wine tasting. Walk around the town and visit the local shops selling unique items to Tenerife’s culture.

Do not rush through the town because architecture is one of the highlights of this area. Gaze up at old buildings with intricate designs dating back many years. You can even explore botanical gardens that seem to complement the local architecture. Tenerife has a rich history that translates well in this quiet community.

Volcano Exploration

tenerife volcanoMount Teide is the tallest mountain in Spain, but it is also an active volcano. Don’t miss this natural wonder when you visit Tenerife. It is not advised to drive up its winding roads, or even to hike to the summit. Tenerife offers a cable car that takes visitors up the volcano’s side. Although it does not reach the summit, the views are still incredible as you move up in elevation. Bring your camera for spectacular views at each elevation level. The water seems to go on forever as you look out on the Atlantic Ocean.

The volcano’s crater is a definite tourist attraction because of its moon shape. As part of a protected park, visitors may explore the crater, which is filled with unusual lava rock formations and gorgeous scenery. It is important to wear comfortable shoes on this outing to prevent any accidental twisted ankles or falls. The crater can have many low-lying and hilly areas. Tenerife’s volcano is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, however, so organize your time carefully to keep this visit as a top priority.

tenerife church

Church of San Marcos

Religion is an integral part of Spanish culture, and the Church of San Marcos reflects the beauty of the religion. You don’t need to be a religious person to appreciate this landmark, however. Inside the towering building is gorgeous works of art, including paintings and sculptures. Take an official tour of the artwork with a docent that is well-versed in the church’s history. You cannot experience artwork like this in any other locale. Tenerife is rich in culture and talent.

Jungle Time

Experience the jungle life at Tenerife’s Jungle Park. Using natural vegetation, this theme park immerses visitors in a rainforest. Explore the different plants found in this jungle paradise, along with animal friends that please even the youngest visitors.

Animal shows, including a bird of prey demonstration, give visitors a chance to see these magnificent animals up close with highly-trained trainers. Marvel at the crocodiles and cheetah to get a taste of jungle life. This particular day trip works well for those hot summer days in Tenerife. The lush vegetation provides shade from the sun while you explore and experience all the flora and fauna across the park.

Consider Tenerife for your next vacation spot. Visitors from around the world have experienced the friendly people and exciting activities available across the island. Examine your group’s desires for a great vacation and match them to Tenerife’s opportunities. With careful organization, you can experience a new activity each day of your visit. Don’t forget to take some time out for pure relaxation. Hotels offer downtime in the form of massages and spa treatments to ease any muscle tension. Tenerife is perfect for rejuvenating the mind and body.