Top Cheapest Destinations World Wide

Ios, Greece

Ios is the place to be for young people with its vibrant nightlife and 24 hour parties. If you decide to go there don’t plan on sleeping, but you will need a place to keep your luggage somewhere and good thing about it is that hostels start at $14 a night.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well known for being ok with drugs and sex, Amsterdam is a great place for students who want to party and experience freedom like nowhere else. Hostels start at $16 a night.

When you get there you will probably stopping by one of Amsterdam’s many “coffeehouses” where marijuana is consumed legally. And your second stop is the other attraction known as the Red Light District, which is famous for the “legal” sex “workers” sitting in their booth windows for sure with red lights and sometimes even performing live sex shows.


Prague, Czech Republic

In Prague accommodations are more expensive than other cities on this list hostels start at $23 per night, but the difference comes at price of the. Yes beer cost is about $0.30 for a half-liter mug, the beer is in most of the cases cheaper than coffee or a pepsi.
During the day, you should enjoy the architecture while walking. During the night it gets really crazy at most of the clubs and bars where alcohol is used heavily.

Colourful houses in Buenos Aires La Boca

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango, shop, eat—and then all over again Buenos Aires gives a cosmopolitan feeling and has a lot of museums, historical sites, and very active and impressive nightlife. At night all you need to do is to make a stop at busy Corrientes Avenue and you have everything in one place from a slice of pizza at an all-night pizzeria to a bookstore and for sure dance clubs where you can spice up life with some tango skills this street has a long and rich history with tango.


Riga Latvia

Old Riga is ideal for architecture-scouting: The spires of numerous churches reach into the sky, such as the landmark medieval Riga Cathedral (famous for its 6,718-pipe organ) and St. Peter’s Church, which combines Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque styles. Consider popping into the Latvian National Opera building for a ballet, choral performance, or, yes, an opera. For something totally different, spend time on the white quartz sand beaches—Riga is right on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

costa rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is otherwise known as Switzerand of South America for its lifestyle but it wouldn’t be complete without casino and betting laws and regulations which makes Costa Rica is casino heaven. Once you go there this is your to do list Monteverde & Santa Elena, Costa Rica Quest and Pavones

Hostels cant go cheaper they start at around $11 per night.


Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is one of that countries getting ready for turism its not as cheap as some other Asian countries but it is affordable, it will give you an unforgettable experience don’t go there with high expectations when it comes to infrastructure but consider the history and culture. Nightlife is just like most of the other Asian countries clubs, bars and girls dancing on neon lighted clubs, don’t get angry if you have problems with internet or telephone its normal and on top of that don’t expect to get a cheap sim card there as you will not find any. In Yangon there is a well known Hostel called Silver Moon service is Ok and price starts at $25 per night.



In Romania you go walk around real-life castles of Transylvania or visit and take pictures in the historical capital city of Bucharest, where you will find the Palace of Parliament which is the 2nd biggest building in the world just after Pentagon. It is cheap to move around with taxi (though check the taximeter).Night life is like in every other south eastern European countries tense with alcohol and every kind of music.

Hostels in Bucharest start from as low as $7 per night, and if you get there add to your trip a visit to Bran Castle aka Dracula Castle.



Grab a cheap flight and avoid periods such US school holidays. If you want to get a real feeling about Mexico and are ready for an active holiday than you should plan a visit throughout the country and you should stop at the historic sites of Palenque, Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan and Tulum then go to white sandy beaches in Mayan Riviera you should definitely include this club on your list the world famous Coco Bongo Club offers a unique life experience. Hostels in Mayan Riviera start at about $40 per night.

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