Want to start running? Check this out!

Not a day goes by that we don’t think about changing our lifestyle into a more healthy and proactive itinerary, yet the thoughts disappear on the thin air and we hide behind our own faults. Keeping fit doesn’t only improve the way we appear, but also affect directly each and every organ in our body making them more efficient. The impact of exercise and a healthy diet also impact our emotional well being, infusing optimism and benign thinking towards the world around us and towards ourselves.

Running is the best way to keep in shape and get rid of all the accumulated negative energy of the previous day. Allegedly, a morning run adrenaline will keep you alert for the most of the productive hours of the day. Nevertheless, timing is of no importance really since everyone is used to a different biorhythm therefore differently adapts to such a change of routine.

Running doesn’t really require any expensive equipment, a special terrain or extraordinary skills. All it takes is a pair of good training shoes and the good will. However, once you decide to go and try it out for the first time you realize its easier said than done. Dont get discouraged; in a few very simple steps you will be running the marathon.

Here is also a weekly program for the beginners so they don’t terrorize their muscles on their first few days and drop out disappointed and injured. Enjoy your run.

The 8-Week Beginner's Program